Learning expedition in the Silicon Valley, discover tech industries

San Francisco - Silicon Valley

  • Theme : Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Innovation
  • Visit of Google, Twitter, Campus Universities
  • Happy Hours and networking events

Objectives :

  • Discover the new entrepreneurs environment 
  • Immerse your student in the American start-up environment for a week
  • Get in touch with people that are able to boost your student in his/her start-up project
  • Discover entrepreneurship-oriented activities.

During this immersive trip, designed especially for your field of study, your students will:

  • Be in contact with the different start-up incubators 
  • Meet academic and industrial representatives
  • Learn how to efficiently and convincingly pitch a project in front of a diverse audience (potential clients, investors...)
  • Be able to position their future company on the marketplace by knowing the US’ marketplace.

The results:

  • Your students are even more motivated thanks to a week’s immersion
  • Discover the trends in terms of innovation in the Silicon Valley
  • Promote your school’s activities to the American public
  • Shoot a video testimonial of this week-long immersive trip.


Professional workshops

Our list - and others on demand:

  • Big Data and Marketing strategies by a Stanford Professor
  • Workshop with a Financial Manager specialized in Fund Raising in the Silicon Valley
  • The pitch: How to stand out from the competition in the world of work taught by an HR professional 
  • How to efficiently and convincingly pitch a project in front of a diverse audience

Visits of varied companies, start-ups, business incubators and accelerators

Seeing everything from the start-up to Google:

  • Visits of small and large businesses
  • Visits of start-ups incubators, business incubators and accelerators with a presentation of the way they operate

After work and cultural events

Expand your professional network:

  • You will participate in networking events in great environments
  • Company meeting to interact with CEOs
  • Happy hour at companies

Being home to the biggest tech companies in the world and to a thousand start-ups, the Silicon Valley is always a step ahead. It keeps inspiring the whole world by being a think-tank for innovative ideas. Its entrepreneurship-oriented environment and its own state of mind make it possible for innovative companies to grow in. That could be a great place to start your international career.

So what better way to understand how it works and why it is so successful than to come to the Silicon Valley and see it for yourself? Thanks to our seminar, you will expand your network and develop your international skills.

YOUR SILICON VALLEY guides you towards entrepreneurship and success. So, will you be tomorrow’s entrepreneur? It’s your decision!