Terms and conditions

Candidates must keep confidential all information related to our clients once they are in touch with one of them for an interview and during the mission.

1499 EUROS Refund Policy for Candidates

- Cancellation : Covid related = No refund. Application valid for 5 years

- Rejected application by sponsor or Embassy linked to a candidate problem with immigration: 

= Amount Kept  by Lejob.us : 75%

- Rejected application by sponsor linked to a company problem:

=2nd placemet provided by Lejob.us 

- Cancellation of application by candidate after payment is made: 

= Amount Kept by Lejob.us  100%

- Cancellation of application by company after payment is made: 

= 2nd placemet provided by Lejob.us 

Refund Policy for Companies Fees

Refundable only if internship is cancelled by one of the parties before the Internship starting date